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Gumersindo Sosa No. 1461
Barrio Ykua Sati
Asunción, Paraguay
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Transforming Paraguay's Human Potential through Electrical Infrastructure and Data Centers Management.
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We transform Paraguay's energy
into Human Potential

With world-class technology
Driven by clean energy in Paraguay.

We are preparing the next generation for the jobs of the future.

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En Penguin Academy siempre ganas el conocimiento para mejorar tu futuro
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SaaS / PaaS

We transform energy into human potential by operating Data Centers and training talent in software and hardware. Penguin’s tech talent is an efficient application for clients in Paraguay and worldwide. Our concept will allow us to generate 3,000 well-paid jobs for Paraguayans while providing international companies with an ideal environment to access infrastructure, talent, and development capacities on a large scale.

The components are:

  • Offering access to clean energy for productive use

  • Developing highly skilled labor and Creating 3,000 jobs for Paraguayans

  • Increasing the level of income thanks to well-paid jobs

We aim to solve the number one problem for most companies: accessing well-trained digital talent.

Rockhoppers: Penguin Academy's first team of developers.
Penguin Tech City

Our Data Centers are 100% powered by clean energy and are developed according to global standards.

Power sub-station in Hernandarias
Power sub-station in Hernandarias works in progress


We offer an integrated ecosystem of services for our clients, from infrastructure to AI

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Our Data Centers

They are located in the heart of South America (Paraguay), offering our clients an end-to-end comprehensive peace-of-mind solution.  We cover everything from data center construction to the maintenance of the client’s computer hardware, in the areas of cloud, HPC, virtualization, and artificial intelligence.

Clean Energy

We make a bet on Paraguay’s vast reservoir of clean energy through its 3 hydroelectric plants. We provide 100% sustainable compute, with the aim of preserving our environment today and in the future.

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Sustainable for you
and nature.

Our main offices and sites are located across the country's main economic centers:  Asunción, Ciudad del Este, and Hernandarias. A new energy project is planned for Ayolas.

Check out the progress of the construction work

Programming Bootcamps

We teach the basics of programming.
Dare to break paradigms and contribute to the technological development of the country!

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We help people to develop their full potential!

Discover our intensive two-week courses in programming and delve into the world of technology.

We teach from basic programming to MVP development and acquire the 21st-century skills that will take students from zero to the level of programming internship.

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Bootcamp only for women

We work to decrease the gender gap in Paraguay, especially in the technology sector.”.

We want more spaces for them!
Impact of the Bootcamp
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Meet te team
Björn Schmidtke - Co-Founder & Chief Executive
Björn Schmidtke
& Chief Executive
Niklas Leck - Co-Founder & Chief Business
Niklas Leck
& Chief Business
Todd Behrend - Chief Engineering
Todd Behrend
Chief Engineering
Christian Kaatz - Chief Data Center Operations
Christian Kaatz
Chief Data Center
Bruno Vaccotti - Chief Operating Officer
Bruno Vaccotti
Chief Operating
Tania Martínez - Vice President of Operations
Tania Martínez
Vice President
of Operations
Delia Garcete Dionich - Head of People & Culture
Delia Garcete Dionich
Head of People & Culture
Chiara Merlo - Head of Marketing & Comms
Chiara Merlo
Head of Marketing
& Comms
Patricia Olmedo - Head of Finance
Patricia Olmedo
Head of Finance
Contact with us
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